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The Business Olympian Group works with leaders of any sized organisation to perform CONSISTENTLY under pressure and have compliant systems, In order To protect their people, infrastructure and reputation during uncertainty and be confident their people & processes can continue operations with minimal disruption


Business Olympian Group brings Corporate Australia the secrets that athletes have known for years, have used to attain their full potential, and achieve the greatness they have trained so hard for.

We do this through (scroll down for each of these or click through):

  • Leadership, Innovation and Change Management
  • Business Continuity, Crisis and Emergency Management
  • Simulations
  • Situational Communications

We are proud of our client relationships.

The team appears regularly at conferences and on TV where Gavin is a resident expert about all things Sport Psychology.


Leadership, Change Management, Innovation, Simulations, Crisis Communications and Continuity services.

Conventional leaders and leadership of the past are insufficient to meet the demands of the 21st Century. As we enter the new millennium, our world is characterised by unprecedented complexity, paradox and unpredictability. Change is rapid and relentless. Today’s leaders face demands unlike any ever before faced. Standard leadership approaches that have served us well throughout much of history are quickly becoming liabilities. Conventional wisdom regarding leadership and many of its habits must be unlearned.


We work with the best

Business Olympian partners with industry experts as required to build scale as required by different projects. These experts are able to support you with all of your needs, as required, to ensure we can meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Phoenix Simulations - crisis and business simulations but not as you know them.

Imagine a world where running a crisis or business simulation or exercise was an experience that brought learning to life, left participants feeling energised and excited and added value back to the company and individual more than ever before. Welcome to Phoenix Simulations by the Business Olympian Group.

Phoenix is like nothing you have experienced before in a business simulation. We create a learning environment that everyone in the organisation can benefit from.

A new era in simulation development and delivery is here - Business Olympian Battleground. Click on the button below to learn more:


Leadership, Innovation and Change

Elite athletes have for many years been developing skills which have enabled them to display the spectacular feats you watch on a regular basis. Have you ever wished you were able to perform at the same level?

Change Management: Imagine if you understood what made your teams tick, what motivated them and how to get the most out of each person?

Innovation: Are you as innovative as you believe you are? Our approach to innovation uses all the learnings from our performance work to highlight areas that you and your business can focus on.

Leadership: The Business Olympian series of workshops captures the essence of ‘Olympic Thinking’ and succinctly adapts it into powerful tools for mastering the corporate world.

We recognise the subtle differences every company has and it is important to note that every single program we offer is fully customisable to meet your needs.

In the past, Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Situational/Crisis Communications were viewed as tedious, tiresome tasks often related to compliance. That was before Continuum ... 

Continuum Consulting by the Business Olympian Group is about changing the way that companies view emergency management, business continuity, crisis management and situational communications.

Over the past 15 years, Craig Goldberg, Gavin Freeman and the Business Olympian team have dedicated themselves to finding new ways to solve client problems. They challenged the common notion of business impact analyses by building data analysis and simplified thinking into the process.

Within emergency management, business continuity, crisis communications and crisis management plans, there could never be a one size fits all approach, plans had to be about the customer, about the person and about the outcome.

This philosophy is at the centre of Continuum's mission statement and operating mantra.

When something goes wrong, it’s essential to communicate to the wider world quickly, consistently and effectively. Situations that arise from inside your business, or even those that come from the outside that directly affect you, have the potential to harm your reputation. How you react can be the difference between emerging unscathed and having to undertake urgent remedial work.

The Business Olympian Group Situational Communications Framework shows how easy it is to be ready to respond.

Do you have all the equipment to manage a crisis available, in one location, ready to mobilise? Why not consider a BattlePak - setup and maintained by The Business Olympians.

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