We believe that BCM can be viewed as a star, with all four points required to make it balanced and shine. The business continuity star is our way of quickly translating BCM concepts into something that everyone in your company can understand. When combined with our other unique methods, tools and templates, concepts are demystified, making the BCM journey fun, interesting and value adding.


What we offer

Although Continuum is about developing customised and tailored solutions each and every time, the list below contains some of our most commonly requested services. If you don't see your need on this list ask us and we will work with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

  • Development, assessment and ongoing management of programs for:
    • Emergency Management
    • Business Continuity
    • Crisis Management
    • IT Disaster Recovery / Service Continuity
  • Development of resilience strategies for businesses of any size:
    • Resilience frameworks
    • Assessments of Maturity
    • Presentations to build the case for resilience
  • Situational and Crisis Communications (download a brochure)
    • Development of Crisis Communications Plans
    • Training staff in crisis communications
    • Exercising communications teams in dealing with media (traditional and social) during an incident
  • Training, testing and simulations for:
    • Crisis Management
    • IT Incident Management
    • Business Continuity
    • Emergency Management
    • Crisis Communications
  • Implementation support for BCM related products such as:
    • Riskware - We are a Gold Partner for the implementation of Riskware for BCM.
  • Global alliances with subject matter experts:
    • M.A.1 International Security Group - helping clients with all of their physical security needs - www.ma1-security.com
    • Real First Aid - bringing first aid training and emergency testing to life - www.realfirstaid.com.au