Imagine a world where running a crisis or business simulation or exercise was an experience that brought learning to life, left participants feeling energised and excited and added value back to the company and individual more than ever before. Welcome to Phoenix Simulations by the Business Olympian Group.

Phoenix was developed to enhance the simulation experience. It is well known that an individual learns better if exposed to information three times:

  • The first exposure challenges the individual to a different way of thinking
  • The second reinforces the idea and starts to overcome the internal resistance to change
  • The third gives the individual an opportunity to see the new version working and provides additional feedback which consolidates the new learning.

Individuals are more likely to then repeat these learning when under pressure and not simply revert to their previous behaviours.

Typical simulations are run once and may or may not contain a debrief and follow-up report. So, how can a team and individual embed the experience? 

Phoenix exposes participants and organisers to at least three experiences as part of the process - simulation, coaching, workshop and report - for the same investment and customer effort as a typical exercise.

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Click here to download a PDF overview of Phoenix and the history behind the product.


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